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Guatemalan Worry Dolls - set of 4

Guatemalan Worry Dolls - set of 4

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Worry dolls, also known as trouble dolls or anxiety dolls, are small, handcrafted dolls that originate from Guatemala and other parts of Central America.

Whisper Your Worries

  • Speak your worries out loud, whispering them to the designated worry doll. The act of verbalizing your concerns can be therapeutic and may help in acknowledging and processing your feelings.

Place Under Your Pillow

  • After sharing your worries, place the worry dolls under your pillow before bedtime. The tradition suggests that the dolls will work on resolving your concerns while you sleep.

Reflect and Repeat

  • The next day, take a moment to reflect on the previous night's ritual. Repeat the process as needed, addressing different worries with different dolls. Some find the routine of sharing and releasing helps in managing stress and anxiety over time.

Each doll is approximately 1.5" - 2" tall x 0.5" wide

4 dolls per pouch


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