Indoctrination is the greatest binding spell of all time and knowledge the purest form of spiritual liberation.

Hello! I'm Vanessa Rose, a historical scholar and Christian witch with a passion for learning...

More specifically, a passion for unlearning all the bullshit we've been conditioned to believe as absolute fact regarding witches, witchcraft and the Bible. Why? Well, let's just say that growing up Roman Catholic, I know what it's like to be torn between intuition (what we feel) and indoctrination (what we're taught to be true). But even more, I found it difficult to find people I could have these conversations with. So after graduating with double bachelors in History and Religious Studies from Arizona State University, I set off to find my people and the Secret Garden was born.

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  • Community

    A place where you can be yourself, ask questions, and openly learn without fear of judgement, persecution, or condemnation.

    • inclusion
    • acceptance
    • support
  • Intellectual Expansion

    A place that encourages and nourishes an inquisitive spirit, because knowledge is the ultimate weapon against dogmatic tradition.

    • academic resources
    • clinical herbalism
    • mindset magick
  • Free to join

    A place where anyone can join and learn without a pay wall. Monetary support is available, however it is optional, not a requirement.

    • thirsty for knowledge
    • deconstruction
    • spiritual validation

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